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1- YouFORMi of the 21st century starts from scratch *We started*

A long time ago on planet earth, I, you, him, us, you and them, evolved through the galaxy circling the sun that sends light and energy with greater power and begin to live each day the spectacle of life in the new era of communication from heaven and from earth in all the stars of the Milky Way.

2 – First step of life together, always connected by your side and move on.

Hi how are things? welcome to our space, me for you, aifortu, you for me, Youformi. Is here! On our side! In our life! on-line! In conection. We start little by little, from 0, this fantastic journey together, whenever you want! Start the first step and play the best game time to live life. —

3 – Introducing the YouFORMi startup to move forward. * Hello *

Now is your real time to start, fall and get up with yours to move on, Stay with friends, with your partner and live moments of life together in good company. Being by your side at any time, anywhere in our world is the most beautiful thing we have here by our side. —

4 – Little by little, we started YouFORMi, our time is mine and yours.

HELLO ! … Enjoy whenever you can the good moments in life, your best life now, little by little, without haste on New projects and also difficulties to overcome..

5 – Go up, down, fall and get up like YouFORMi and move on. On Line

We have to do everything because we started from scratch, with the whole future ahead. Get going today. The road is not easy but take the first step, wanting to start, like Youformi.

6 -Be connected with your friends and with your love YouFORMi always Online.

Hi how are you? We are connected, is your time now! On your mobile phone. Get going call and arrange to go out tonight or this weekend.

7 – I need to stay by your side, to be by your side now and always. OK

Right here where I’ve never been. on your phone, on your tablet, on your big screen. Stay with me in this great space around the Youformi world, online whenever you want, I will be by your side, in our language to move forward,